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Phoenix (Lineart/inks)

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  • Phoenix (Lineart/inks)

    for my January Monthly Monster Jam. Working on colors right now. I probably could have benefited from some study on birds xD I tweaked the wings abit (from being basically feathered bat wings, but they still dont quite look bird like in their structure.

    Thanks for looking

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    Love the detailing and the cross hatching on the piece is truly killer. The only thing I'm not really digging on it is the beak; it's a little too big (IMHO) and cartoony looking and gives your Phoenix a bit of a "Toucan Sam" feel. Other than that, I would love to see it finished and colored!


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      hahah yah, It started off with abit of a Chocobo feel to it xD And I worked from there xD Glad you like the hatching, i still have far to go with that but it had been along time since I tested the waters in those parts and was pretty happy with it (except for maybe the very top of the wing feathers there, im sure you know the one im talking about xD) xD


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