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  • Demonium

    Hello fellow comic artisans!

    I sincerely hope that 2014 has kicked off to a great start for all of you. Year after year, my journey as an artist is an extraordinary transformation. So I hope we will all make tracks together yet again and take our skills to the next level in another year of learning, growing, and evolving.

    That's what this community is all about!

    Here's a piece from the year just passed. I plan to finally start inking it today! It's a shame to have to stick this stuff on the back burner until I have the time to work on my personal projects - but when I do it's never taken for granted!

    Your feedback and critical eye are more then welcome. Please ENJOY!

    For anyone interested the medium is digital - using Photoshop CS6 and a Wacom Intuos 3 Tablet.

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    Sickest shit I've seen in a while!!! Post more!!!
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      Yes i second that!!!you need to add a bit of shadow under his lower hand to make it pop
      Originally posted by Pete Tha Creep View Post
      Sickest shit I've seen in a while!!! Post more!!!
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        ANOTHER gorgeous, knockout piece, CB!!! Your attention to detail and clean, tight lines just blow me away, fella! I have a feeling we're gonna being seeing your name on some big-time projects before long!!!


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          Hey guys, thanks for the kind words and feedback. Always appreciated. Jeff, you make me blush every time.

          There's a lot of pros to going digital. You never run low on supplies and it's incredibly easy to fix mistakes. This comes in handy especially when inking.

          The only con I've found - and it is a big con - is that it takes so damn long! I should take the blame in part for that, probably my fault for going all out on the ity bity details (ah sweet regret). But still, it is longer.

          Trick is to work from a distance, work fast, and make your hand as steady as possible. - All of which I am still struggling with haha. With time young padawan, with time.

          Anyway - here are a few WIP shots of the inking I've done so far. As you can see, this ain't gonna be an easy feat!


          P.S If anyone else has experience working digitally and happens to have some neat tips and tricks up their sleep that they wouldn't mind sharing, fire away!


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            Can i get your permission to color this havent colored anything in a while.
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              Your digital stuff looks so close to actual pencils. Any reason you stick to a traditional workflow instead of just sketching with a darker line and then cleaning up?
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                Great pencils, great inks!


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                  God, Claytonbarton you do such wonderful lines Seeing your stuff has been one of the major factors in convincing me to focus more on pure digital art xD


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                    Beautiful work! May I ask how long the pencils took, start to finish?


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                      Great Line work and detail. Keep it up!
                      "Back in the saddle again"


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                        Beautiful stuff, man. As an artist kind of obsessed with efficiency, I have to echo Jim's question -- what's up with the beautiful, detailed pencil work, if it's only going to be inked over? I'd think that with the undo-ability of digital, you could save yourself at least 95% of a step. Is it just for the love of the noble art of pencilling?


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