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  • Balloon Buoy Cover

    Hey Guys,
    Here is a cover wraparound treatmeant I did for a comic I am working on.
    The preview is here for you to see at the sequential showcase forum

    And here is the cover

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    I like it.

    Two suggestions,

    I would replace the cloud he's reaching for with his shoe to maintain a narrative flow in the story your pictures are telling. We don't ever see him put the shoe on, so it makes sense for him to be grasping for it in the sequence.

    Next, I'd reduce the amount of rendering and texture on his hand. For a child, he's got very mature looking hands. Reducing the amount of line work will make it appear less aged.

    But I really like where you're going with this.
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      Very nice. I agree with Pencilero.

      Also the light is coming from the left and below the boy. This would mean the boy's right hand would not be in shadow, but catching the light as the other parts of his body are doing.
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