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****'d sewers #1

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  • ****'d sewers #1

    this is the turtle splinter never told you about
    Last edited by InkDrop; 09-24-2008, 09:38 PM. Reason: Language. PG ratings please. Kids post here.

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    You're too much for me dude.


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      hahahahaha thanks


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        im drawing the first story right now, i should be done with it in a day or two. its gonna be cool.


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          I would drop the background photo texture. For me, it does not sit right with the hand drawn stuff. Also, how do we know it's Splinter talking (if it is Splinter), as nothing in the image conveys that. I always operate on the presumption that if an image needs accompanying text to describe what is happening in it, it ain't working.

          On the whole, I'm not really sure how to take your work. You are aiming to shock, but consider this. If you keep going for the same 'shock' every time, your audience will get numb to it.
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            very true, i dont plan on the same shock everytime, or a shock everytime, and your right about the text, splinter is in the undinished version on my deviant art but i decited to leave hime out. these are just consepts i did for a fan comic i am doing to improve my skills to do my own comic. im inking the first page right now. its comig along good so far it will be up soon


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