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Supergirl, Batman and Superman...

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  • Supergirl, Batman and Superman...

    Started off as a Supergirl sketch and I kept going with it!

    I was critiqued (appreciated) on the stiffness in my drawings.. I am working on it. Anywho.. thanks for lookin and commentin!



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    You have some nice work going on. There are a lot of anatomy issues with each character. They all look like models posing in a store sales ad.

    Watch the proportional structure of the characters compared to each other , make Superman look like a superman. Give him more muscle structure to be larger than Batman. Supergirl looks alright except for her right foot and she may be to much on the skinny side.

    Batman's batarangs, WOW if they are able to penetrate solid concrete like that, imagine what they would do to a person. That or Batman is just really strong to place them into the concrete like that.

    Otherwise your shading is very nicely done and so is the layout of the page. If you feel like making the adjustments, I think this page would turn out even better with some work.

    Good Luck


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      I am working on the anatomy thing...

      Thanks for the feedback tho!

      Yeah the batarangs I was just playing with... saw something similar on a Michael Turner sketch and I always thought it looked cool.


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        Watch your light sources. You have many different ones that don't match not only from one figure to another, but in certain cases even on the same figure.


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