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Cammy Likes Her Chi blue!

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  • Cammy Likes Her Chi blue!


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    Not bad JoH

    She's got a little too much torso for my personal taste. But that could just be that the way she's usually drawn is so pixie-ish it's swaying me against it.

    totally dig the face you gave her though, and the chainsaw hair!

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      I like it, but i find the pose to be a bit static considering the character, and the ballet feet coupled with the menacing hands feel a bit awkward I feel.

      The execution is nice as usual, but I find the basic concept to be slightly underwhelming this time.


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        Plog - You can nver have enough "torso" on Cammy! In fact, "extra servings of torso" if you please! Thanks Matt.

        Jel - I agree with your assessment. Very static pose to mix with the power signature. I realize the weird juxtaposition.


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          I don't know why I was reading this as "Come here Chi Blue". i was like who's Chi Blue? Yeah, it's late.
          I dig the lines as always, but the colors don't do anything for me. They're too saturated. Try muting them a bit or using temperature themes. Like cooler, blueish, green colors.
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            Agreed with Spidey re: colors.

            Also, while I like the edginess of the piece I feel it'd work better for me if it was anyone BUT Cammy, you know what I mean? Cammy is all curves, clean fluid lines and direct extended strikes, and this one feels like it's taking too much away from what we know the character to be like.

            But that's just me.
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              Yep. Nasty colours again.

              You steered clear of them on your last few pics -- but they're back with a vengeance here.
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                I'm at a loss when it comes to your style on females. Cammy here is definitely more attractive than the Super Girl pic you did, but she has man-hands, knob-knees, and moon boots that rob her of her feminininininity. Maybe its just my innate expectation of an attractive female form getting in the way of my appreciation for your style.
                Cheers, Alex


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                  Had some help from Jedi Master Dave McCaig who gave me a minor touch-up list. And voila! Hope you cats appreciate this one more. Oh, and there's a redhead lurking about.


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                    yeah i think her pose is a litle awkward too
                    i think it'd work better if one of her feet was off the ground slightly

                    i like the first of the newly colored ones best (the blonde one)


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                      Thanks Norritt, the blond is definitely hotter.


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