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B'Wana Beast Finished!

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  • B'Wana Beast Finished!

    Took a while to get around to finishing this piece, but it's finally done! I am finally noticing some improvements in my digital colours. Starting to like them more than traditional.

    I would really appreciate some feedback and critiques.

    Commission Inquiries [email protected]

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    I like this piece, but I think that you could separate the background from the foreground a little more. I like the effect you use in the blacks, but the dull colors you add to the black areas of the character and the tree merge them with the background. Maybe using those tones in the background only could help improve the piece and make it more eye catching.
    Anyway, this is just my opinion, the colors are quite well applied over the piece. Nice work.


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      i agree with eben, making the blacks in the foreground darker seems like a good idea, still nice.


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        Thanks for the feedback guys!

        I seldom colour solely digitally, so having this one turn out the way it did was a huge digital-breakthrough moment for me. I admit the foreground blacks could stand to be darker, for contrast-sake at the very least. I just really wanted a warm/hazy nature to the piece. I can't explain how or why I reached that conclusion, but I just got it to where it was in my head when I was drawing it. I'd like to think if the piece had a bunch of age and wear it'd look kinda pulpish, like i envisioned.
        Commission Inquiries [email protected]


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