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  • Rogue

    Approached the shading differently, taking more time to do each layer.

    Again, I was avoiding line weights at all costs, going for a more "animated approach"
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    here are my 2 cents;

    A. Drawing:
    I would suggest to concentrate more on the actual drawing and not on the various layers, ps effects and etc.
    Simply because there are a lot of things in this drawing that look very weak (anatomy, drawing wise) and your coloring doesn't "hide"/mask them at all.
    For instance her right hand (our left) simply looks as a random combination of lines.

    B. Coloring:
    1. If you're using a mouse, get a tablet they are relatively cheap these days and you don't have to buy the latest version either.
    2. Try to avoid using those "simple" textures, it doesn't add anything to the drawing, and only makes it look flat.
    For instance; the brown background, and the darker spots on the yellow parts of her costume and on the white parts of her hair.
    3. Color always follows the form of the object, as well as light. For instance her jacket; get a real one and see how light and color looks like in the wrinkles and folds, and how it appears on straighter surfaces.

    C. General:
    1. Study anatomy and perspective, so you'd know how these different body parts look like when they are bent etc.
    2. If you don't know how things look like and how they sit on the body (e.g belt, jacket...) get a reference picture to help you with that.
    3. There are some good recommendations for general drawing and especially for cartoon style art in the Tips and Tech section of these boards - read them and study them.

    These are my 2 cents, hope it helped a lil.

    Keep drawing, practicing and posting.

    Open for commissions and work....PM me.


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      What's going on in the yellow segments of her costume? She looks dirty, like Pigpen from Peanuts.

      Co-sign on what Fallen pointed out.

      The reason animation is simple looking is because things need to be drawn hundreds of times, quickly. So feel free to spend more time making your figure drawing more solid.

      Keep the female faces simple. Too much detail and it starts looking aged, or just unattractive.
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