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New to Pencil Jack. So, here some art!

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  • New to Pencil Jack. So, here some art!

    I had a few fellow artists mention this forum so I figured I would take a look. I really felt like posting on this would open up opportunities for improvement and constructive criticism. With that being said, this is a little bit about me... If you don't feel like reading it I don't blame you, art follows.

    My name is Matt and I am a Canadian artist. I have experience in both traditional and digital art (including 3D) and I enjoy practicing both. I hold a degree in digital art and animation but I am currently going back to school to educate myself further. Enough about this though....

    Here is a dump of some of my art. If it gets feedback I'll dig up, scan, and create more to post!
    Criticism is welcomed!

    Newer Drawings

    This was done all in photoshop. I was experimenting with a couple new techniques that I picked up from Freddie E. Williams.

    Drawn and Inked by hand
    Scanned in and coloured in Photoshop

    Here's another one I worked up in my sketchbook and finished on the computer.
    I really wanted to experiment with colour and depth.

    Older Stuff... like a year or so.

    Here is a picture of a nameless superhero in tights getting his ass kicked by some type of robot. :S I did up this drawing in my sketch book and liked it a lot. So I quickly coloured it in photoshop to give it a little more character.

    Another hand drawn picture that i scanned into Photoshop and coloured. The backgrounds is a collection of pictures that I edited in Photoshop.

    This is a picture of Rogue that a drew a while ago. I decided to quickly color it up in photoshop.

    Scorpion drawn a while ago using just my tablet.

    Drew this by hand and coloured it in photoshop.

    Hand done, coloured and digitally inked in PS.

    Finally Some Traditional Art! (A little old because I haven't scanned new ones.)

    It hurts to look back at some of these... like this one.. at least I know I'm improving.

    Well that's all I've got for now. I would really appreciate any kind of feedback I can get. Though I enjoy getting constrictive criticism the most!

    Thanks fellow pencil-jacks. I look forward to seeing what this site has to offer.

    -Matt (Jonesy)

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    First of all, welcome to penciljack! that is one hell of an art dump for your first post! if you want detailed crits i'd suggest posting no more than 3 pieces in a thread, check out the members art blog forum to post this kind of amount of art! having said that i have to say from what you've shown here your work has improved in leaps and bounds! really inspiring to see the jumps in skill level both in your drawing and in your colouring! keep it up!

    I hope you find these boards as helpful as i have, because with the right feedback i can see you becoming one to watch around here! again, welcome and remember to comment on other peoples work!

    @barcswow on twitter and instagram


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