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  • "Night"

    Drawing style I've been playing around with. Do feel free to comment!

    View more artwork at

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    I like it.

    However with the moon in the background - behind the buildings - I'd like to see some silhouette work in the skyline. A night time skyline shouldn't be illuminated like that. More importantly, I feel it detracts from the wonderful light and dark you've got going on in the foreground.

    Example 1
    Example 2, with moon
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      Real nice work.

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        I like it. It has a very obvious Sean Murphy vibe to it.

        The only bit I'm not 100 keen on is the arm that's in the light. It's just that, because it's SO lit (white), it has almost become the focal point of the image.
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          Thanks for the input.

          I could have gone with black silhouettes on the buildings but at the time I felt like it would have been too much black going on. But somethng to consider on the next run. Nice call!


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            Thanks! Glad you dig it!


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              Beastie -

              Good point.Funny because at one point I had thought about blacking it out with a slight highlight. I'll keep that in mind.


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                yeah that one arm is so bright. i dont like the half tone sky and the fuzzy gradient greyness of it. its not consitent with the rest of the piece or the style.... i think you should consider doing that sky as a drybrush... that would fit much better i feel.
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                  Originally posted by Beastie View Post
                  It has a very obvious Sean Murphy vibe to it.
                  My thoughts exactly. Also, I agreed about the over-lit buildings.
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                    Totally dig it, any story behind the "Night"?


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                      I agree with what's been said about the screen tone on the sky - a dry brush look would make this cohesive - the moon, and the white arm, but I just wanted to say the composition looks good and this is an interesting image. I'm drawn right in. I really like this style, and the dry brush/chaos the figure descends to at the legs & tips of his trench coat. Proportions look good. I like the noir feel.
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                        I had thought about the dry brush effect but wasn't 'confident' enough that it would pull off what I had in mind though. The duotone effect I felt more comfortable using and manipulating into the composition regardless of how off some of the lighting would be realistically.

                        Glad you dig it though!


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                          I think you MIGHT just have an unintended tangent with the Moon there, too (although I'm not as comfortable with understanding tangents as I ought to be)


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                            I like the black and White vibe. The way you broke him away from the railing with "broken" darks, and not just a plain white halo makes him pop out more. I am in love with the zipatone(?sp) on the sky. Classic shading in a modern piece. Kudos.


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