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  • Fun with transformers

    I started playing around with using my digital camera, implicated mixed media from random images, and came up with some photo manipulation. The Bumblebee image is what I was hoping he should have looked like in the actual movie. I basically swapped parts from the movie bumblebee to mine, VW. This post is simply a study of learning new technuiqes in photoshop. Prime is actually my toy and I used sketching filter on him, with an outdoors background.

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    See now that's the way they should've done Bumblebee.
    Hey, I'm a traditionalist. Fine to update to a newer VW Bug, but it still should've been a Beetle in the movie, regardless of what anyone says.


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      Thanks, I'm still kind of bummed out they didn't go with the vw. Not to sound cocky but I think my version is better, and I think they didn't even give the original concept a chance. A fast VW in the movie would have worked, I think.


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        Exactly, the only real plus I saw of using the car Bay selected was that it was an American build, which you and I can appreciate both being Mid-Westerners.
        But really should have gone with the Bug. There's nothing they did with the other car that couldn't have been done with your car above, or at least your car with a hard-top.
        It's kind of like doing an A-team movie and making B.A., Chinese.


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          Yeah, I heard in transformers 2, soundwave is going to be a truck with sonic weapons, kind of like the animated series. I even saw the pictures. I'm not sure how real it is. But my point is, that would make sense to change him cause tape recorders are obsolete, and I pod or mp3 player would just be stupid. But to totally change Bumblebee is just retarded. Overall I did like the movie though. I even heard too that in the next one, Bay is planning on having 2 autobots that come together and form an icecream truck? I hope that's not true. You have any idea how bad that's going to kill the franchise? I should be saying this stuff, rather on the transformers blog because this is an art room, just bugs me


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