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    A Captain Marvel page I did for fun. Let me know what you think-thanks!


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    Hey there Branson
    My first thought ..was this is Seq-Art.or This is a cover piece..
    If really does not make a cover..OK.. You should leave more room around the corners...( for logo-price bars-Ect.) I'm not sure your style..I see UnderDogs enemy in that 4th lower panel You have your talent my eyes ( and it's just my eyes ) You can be better..more convincing.( by that I mean you have the basics down it seems..just bend..ummm..Forshortining is your week spot at the moment.)
    Keep that Pencil Busy!


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      Yeah, gotta agree with Bryan. Strange contortions from the characters, especially Billy Batson (Billy Batson right? I have about less than 0 knowledge about anything Captain Marvel related.) in the upper left dog ear panel.
      It's an interesting lay-out though.
      Makes little sense as a cover to me though. It makes a little more sense as a sequential, though there is some guess-work: 1. Billy sees some sh*t going down. 2. Billy transforms into Captain Marvel. 3. Marvel takes to the skies. 4. Dr. Silvana (??? once again I know cr*p about Captain Marvel) steers some cartoon-robot. 5. Marvel fights the Silvana driven mech.
      My opinion though is it probably is neither a cover or sequential, but meant to be a one-off pinup.
      Anyways a very good effort, and I give you credit.


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        The Chests/Torsos really feel very flat.

        It feels like you skipped that step or something. Like drew the outlines first then added interior shading maybe?

        I'd suggest starting with more three dimensional structure type shapes when you rough it out. Then add the contours and shading and such.

        Take a look at a Jim lee chest. That Solid three dimensional feeling thats what I'm talking about. He makes more solid chest than anyone else I can think of.

        Of course one can go to far. Just look at Liefeld. lol

        But so as not to be all negative I will say that your heads are quite good.
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          That's more like Miss America.


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            Have to agree with what's been said. The diamond shape for thr page layout doesn't really seem to work well .Nice trying something different, but it just seems too awkward.
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              Thanks for the critiques guys! I definatley can see what each of you are saying. It probably is more of a pinup than anything else. This was the first time I used an 11x17 comic board and really just wanted to try something different. I thought it turned out OK, but I can see where I could definately make it better by doing some things differently. Thanks again for the comments.


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                Here some food for the'ol creativity
                Keep that Pencil Busy!


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