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"I am the Good Shepherd"

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  • "I am the Good Shepherd"

    Pencil drawing. Touch up with B&W digital painting in Corel-Paint. This is the first part of a three part picture. I plan it to be a three picture in one piece. Finished with the first part. Working on the others. You can see some of the details at my site, as well as hear about my inspiration for the piece. Be advised: politics and religion there and no one is spared.

    Working on the grass right now, blade by blade. Tedious details.


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    Very nice rendering
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      That is impressive rendering.
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        Nice job on this drawing, g.owen! That is some impressive rendering; near photographic-quality. Keep us updated with your progress, as I'd enjoy seeing the finished illustration.
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          i really like the balance of tones/contrast on the hand on the (viewer's) left
          The rest is downhill to muddiness in my opinion; but it's all very nicely done.


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            love it. Keeping the contrast on his face draws viewers in, nicely done.
            I wonder if the left side needs an edge line like the right side. Or is it the other way around. I'm guessing the background will make that pointless.


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              I think I've seen pictures of this guy before. I take it he's not an original character?
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                "I AM the Good Shephard."

                Thanks everyone. Appreciate your comments.

                But this is the kind of feedback I really like:

                Whune, the tone/contrast on that hand exists because the sun gleans on that hand. Using sunlight, I try to emphasis hands and face. If I have the same contrast throughout, the viewer's eyes will not be drawn to the face, hands, and cross. Muddiness is purposeful. But the challenge is to do it without doing it too much. GREAT COMMENT!

                jal-el, the line on the sun side (viewer's right) comes about because of the contrast. But perhaps I do need to enhance the line on the shadow side (viewer's left). AWESOME EYE FOR DETAIL YOU HAVE. THANKS!

                Dann, LOL.


                You like the facial expression? What do you see in it? I tossed around some ideas before coming up with the finished one.


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                  Actually prefer the use of contrast to create the definition on the head. Outlines usually jsut flatten an image (or so some grumpy art teacher once told me)
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                    Very nice. But i think the beard looks flat and distorts the face a bit. Especially around the mustache and his right sidewhere beard and face meet.
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                      I AM the Good Shepherd.

                      Originally posted by shannonh View Post
                      Very nice. But i think the beard looks flat and distorts the face a bit. Especially around the mustache and his right sidewhere beard and face meet.
                      Can't see it. Been looking at this so much its like I am desensitized to such things... even though I know there may be things like that at play. Please, explain in more exact terms and suggest how to fix. FANTASTIC FEEDBACK!!!

                      Here is where I might go with this:

                      Don't know for sure. A part of me is calling it finished. Another part wants to do two more pictures to go with it. If so, the background picture would be set in green pastures (SAMPLE OF GRASS-WORK AT THE BLOG SPOT). The mid-picture would be set by still waters. So, it would kinda be a sequential art piece if I do that.


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                        nice piece, i can't wait to see the finished product
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                          Love this Drawing.
                          My only critique would be that His robes look to perfect.maybe a few worn spots or thread bare areas.
                          Maybe near the elbows.I like how you have some frayed ends at the cuffs,That said Just Fantastic Art!




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                            Gorgeous, man.
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                              Beautiful job. Reminds me of the work of an artist named Marvin Hayes, who with poet James Dickey published a book of verse and illustrations back in 1977 called "God's Images: the Bible: a new vision" (but you probably already knew that). Actually, based on this only, I think your work may be a bit better. I think Hayes worked in ink.

                              A sample of the work (also the book-cover) depicting the Creation:
                              Creation: (Gen. 1:1)

                              (on Amazon: Gods-images-The-Bible-vision


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