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  • Asajj

    I did this picture for my friend Chris. He is a gifted colorist. He goes by Fatboy73. Look:

    Anyway, he wrote me the other day and asked if I could draw him up a Asajj Ventress. I was more than happy to do it. First, he is a great guy, and second, he has been doing an awesome job on my art. It was the first time I had even heard of the character, much less drawn her, so I hope I did her some justice.



    Thanks for Looking.

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    I'm not familiar with the character, but that's a nice tight drawing. I like the pose too, I think it has good flow. Her mouth looks off a little though, like it's turned just a little too far to her right (our left). The corners of the mouth should line up vertically with the center of the eyes. It's the right corner of her mouth (our left) that make's it look off. Her left side lines up properly. A really small nit pick for an otherwise great drawing



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      Beautiful work, man! Holeee cow! You're a heavy hitter. I'm watching you....


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        Very Cool! Diggin the inks.
        See my work on Game of Thrones seasons two, three and four blurays


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          nice pose and I like a way pencil....
          Be Happy & Make All Happy!!!!!


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            Nice. Ultra tight line work.
            My only criticism is I can't tell if her weapons are swords or batons.
            I'm not making fun of batons here in that comment, they can be just as deadly as a blunt force instrument, in fact I have a character who uses them. What am I saying? I work with a guy who has a character who uses them, I just edit his stuff, but I feel connected with the character as though it were my own.


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              Thanks for all the kind wordseveryone. I really appreciate it.

              7StringSamurai: Great input. I appreciate you taking the time.

              Joh: Love hearing that from such a talented artist. Thanks!

              Dave: You are the man. Thanks!

              SilverSkies: Thanks!

              Wo-Nellie: They are suppose to be sabers. I did not get fancy with them and left them kind of plain because I was sure the colorist was going to throw his own special touch on them.


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