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  • Spiderman

    Hi guys, I've decided to get back into drawing after a 3 year break. I'm formerly a inker who has done work for AC Comics and other independants but have now been wanting to give pencilling a shot. Here's my take on everybody's favorite Webhead . I know I still have some kinks to work out, so please be honest with your crits, okay ? Thanks.

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    The perspective is off. I think you applied 3-point perspective on the buildings, but it wasn't necessary. Using two-point perspective in this case would have sufficed. In using the three-point perspective, you gave the buildings the appearance that they are not parrallel to one another and that one building or the other is tilting the wrong way.

    You seem to have a solid grasp on anatomy, but you you're slightly off with Spiderman's left deltoid (our right). It looks like it's attached to just the acromion, rather than the scapula and the clavicle as well, which is making an arm that is slight too long appear even longer.

    The right leg appears too foreshortened in relation to the left leg. Also, the width of the right calf and the left calf are not the same; they should be.

    The positives:
    - Soild grasp of anatomy
    - Nice, clean lines.
    - Variation in line weight, due to your inking background, I'm guessing.

    Question: Why is he shooting webs with his left arm if he's looking and appearing to be moving to his right?

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      Very nice but i agree with carls points above, also the webbing on his head stops before the back of his head, i know you're going for a shiny head kind of think but i don't think it works in this case! also the extended fingers on his webshooting hand look a little broken with the angles they're at!

      Overall, a great start!just having done such a detailed background shows you're not afraid of work! you just need to plan it out more! welcome to the boards! looking forward too more of your work!

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