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  • Hordak victorious


    This is, again, another commission for a Masters of the Universe Fan.
    He saw another image i did where He-Man lost the battle, and wanted Hordak to be the winner.

    Have fun


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    This is fantastic! The background is especially spectacular.

    If I were to crit. anything at all (which is tough), I would lighten He-Man's head a little on the end of the trident. I noticed his body on the ground right away, but had to look a little before I found the head (which- truth be told, actually made it *more* entertaining for me because it was a little surprising).

    All-in-all, though, this is top-notch stuff. I can't wait to see more from you!
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      "By The Power Of Gre.....GRRRRKKKK!!!!!" I love it!!! Very moody, I can hear the crack of the lightning as I look at it. I agree that He-man's head is a little hard see at first, but once you know it's there the eyes come back to it easier. The only other thing I noticed is that Hordak's hips seem a little to forward of his center line, makes him look off balance to his rear, or that he's thrusting his hips foreward. The flatness of his cod-piece (not sure what to call it, hehe) excentuates the backwards lean. Overall, awesome job, I'm sure the owner will love it!



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        It's an awesome piece. Though it made me wanna
        Very ironic though since M.O.T.U. was created for young boys in the early 80s as a response to the dark fantasy for teens and young men that was coming out in the late 70s.
        I've always preferred the darker side myself. A "light" fantasy He-Man always seemed boring to me. Don't even get me started on She-Ra.


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