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Playing around with color (Spider-man speed painting)

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  • Playing around with color (Spider-man speed painting)

    So I have been refining my painting process over the last few months, and have been working on getting better at penciling as well; today, however, is a playful picture to try new things with color. I had an old Spider-man speed painting sitting around on my HD, and thought wouldn't it be fun to try out some of the new techniques/theories I have learned since I originally painted it? Using this process, I think I'm finally on the way to the style of comic painting that I would like to achieve. I'll be doing full paintings starting next week, and I am really excited to get that process going! Anyway, here's a quick look at the old version and the new...

    Old version...

    New version...

    I'm pretty happy with it, I did not try to be perfect with anatomy or anything, just testing some color application I said, I'll be starting full paintings next week, so I'm really excited! Cheers Pj, take care!
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    I remember when you posted up this speed painting a while ago. I really like what you did with the colors, it does improve the image a lot.
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      Well i think they both are great...and i think the 2 different pics will appeal to different people ...i personally dig the first one better...the second one has the Alex Ross feel which is great too.
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        I prefer the second. Color and detail choices are sharper.
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