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My finished "DOG DOC" short film

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  • My finished "DOG DOC" short film

    After 5 months of work and 1278 single drawn and colored pictures I finally finished this project. It was a lot of fun, a huge experience and I'll definitely do it again sometime but for now I need a long pause from animating a short film all by myself. There's a tiny bit of blood in it so I marked it NSFW (I just realized that actually, I didn't mark it NSFW).
    I won't change a thing so you can crit if you want but the movie will stay as it is. I'll gladly accept all kinds of criticizm for the next film I'll do someday though
    I hope you like it and have fun!

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      wow, not even one comment.. that's frustrating!!
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        Was sure I dropped a comment when you first posted this. Guess I forgot.
        It was a quite interesting short-film, a bit morbid, which I loved. Your style works quite well for stuff like this, it has the look of some of those old kids animations, but aimed at adults.

        Only thing I noticed that bugged me with it, was when the dog doc put on the glove. Looked like he had two right hands.
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          it's very good, the style is very nice and i would happily watch a film in this style but some of the animation is fairly lazy and some of it is just wrong. for instance when the van comes up over the hill it's just a still image with nothing done other than moving the image! add some movement to the wheels or have it move left and right. same with when the van pulls up to the curb, the wheels aren't moving at all, even just have some lines on the tire and move them a little bit to add motion to it. also you have some fluid on the dog docs gloves and i think you wanted it to look like it was dripping off but it actually looks like its crawling up his fingers.

          On the animation front at times i think you're timing is well off, it's like you have too many frames so that it looks like it's in slow motion.

          i hope this isn't too negative a post, its just a crit! i like the film and as someone who's studied animation i appreciate the amount of work and effort you've put into this and respect the hell out of you for it! the style is fantastic and the laughing animation is absolutely beautiful! keep it up!

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            Very cool to see your style animated. Wish this were an actual service. More things should be scream activated. Thought the walking bit with the hand in the leash was the best animated part. I'm with Hofling on the gloves. Plus it looks like his right hand is the one going into the dog's mouth (and gets vomited out) when the left is suppose to be the gloved hand. Other than that those were some nice gags. And just the right amount of blood. Best possible way to end it with the scream again. I enjoyed it.

            Heh, boobies.
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              I thought it was good, At my present skill level, I would never attempt such a thing, Other then a few spots, I thought it was well done

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                1278 single drawings - crazysauce. I really dug the whole thing. Feel like the style and mood was consistent throughout the whole project. The shrug after the T-Rex skull was cool. Nice Misfits plug as the Dog Doc runs away. I'm really super impressed. The only thing that got me was the animation when he pulled out the cat, something about it didn't seem right. I couldn't do this so who am I to saying anything. How did you put all the frames together, like what program did you use for the animation?


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                  I liked the initial scrolling down through the town/buildings.

                  I liked the scream - and the way it stopped so abruptly when the dog doc turned up.

                  I agree that the dog doc appears to have two right hands.

                  The effect of being able to see the doc's hand inside the dog (fingertips poking out through the belly) is cool and works well.

                  When the dog doc pulls out the dinosaur skull - and the camera moves to the owner shrugging his shoulders - it might also have been nice to see the owner's face change (raised eyebrows perhaps).

                  It's brilliant when the doc's finger pops out of the dog's ass.

                  When the doc's arm is bitten off, the blood comes out of the stump a bit too slowly, IMO. I think it should have spurted out much faster. It's fine when he's running down the street - its just right at the start when its too slow.

                  Cool touch at the end to have the dog much smaller and lean looking - and walking away with the doc's arm in its mouth. That was fun. However, I must say that I nearly didn't see it - because I was going to stop the video playing when the credits came up!
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                    cool! finally!
                    thanks guys!!
                    some great crits and I see what you guys are talking about.
                    this was my first animated film and I'm persuading myself right now that those faults are acceptable and I will try to do it better in the next one
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