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    [IMG] Uploaded with[/IMG]

    Alright, an actual image instead of a link. Thanks for the tips, guys! Cheers

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    I like the retro Alex Raymond feel of this illustration, I really like your artistic style.
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      The Eagle of Asgard looks like he is about to do some major damage. Well done!

      I would prefer not to see the cape and hammer clipped off. The hammer is his weapon and one of the points of focus on this composition.

      Happy to see the image here!
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        Yup, very nice looking piece, but that left crop is hurting it. As well, the hammer's head seems a bit too rounded...the side/top line is too faint.
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          I dig everthing about it. Nice work and feel to the illustration

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            Reeeeally like the subtle color variations. Adds so much.
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              Very cool!
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                Very, very nice, Cary! I love the overall tone of this image. I might agree the cropping is unfortunate, but I don't think it detracts much from the piece (kinda looks like it was more of a scan crop than an actual planned crop, anyway).

                I really like the metal treatment - I can almost FEEL the steel on Thor's helmet. The subtle background texture and his expression leads me to believe he's climbing out of a crater where he just hammered some trolls and is preparing to put the beat down on someone else now

                The only thing that kind of stands out to me is that the cape doesn't feel capey - it almost feels like it's a sack on his back that has irregular shaped object in it, as if he's carrying something. Could just be me though - other than that, I really love this piece! Thor has always been one of my favorites, and I've never been able to portray the mass and demeanor the character should have, as you have done here.
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