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Farscape's Rygel XVI Finished.

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  • Farscape's Rygel XVI Finished.

    Sparky's done:

    Had a lot of fun making this image during my marathon Farscape rewatch. Don't think I got the Throne Sled quite on model, and I'm not sure I really captured the look of the "ribs" in Moya's corridors, but I think the Dominar himself came out very well.
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    Careful with soft edge brushes. Too much can make your colors come out smudgy and indistinct. The drawing itself looks pretty good, the guy and the chair are a little out of perspective, like his right side got pulled out too far. I don't really get any read on what type of character this is - are there any facial expressions or other clues you could've included to let people know about what this strange looking dude is all about?
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      Nice! Makes me want to watch Farscape. In fact I think I will


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