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  • Fables Pin Up

    Finished the pencils for a Fables Pin-Up I've been wanting to do for a while.


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    Yay first post,, Have to say this is pretty sweet, cant wait to see this finished Crits, none other than i wasnt to see it finished.
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      Pretty nice pencils.
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        Nice. Bigby looks great in this pic. Fables is one of my favorite titles, I'm up to Vol. 10 with the trades.


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          Is that Goldilocks or Cindy up top? If its Goldie then she needs glasses.

          Nice pic though. I love fables. They are what got me back into comics after years away.


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            Not bad. Your faces have a bit of Terry Moore in them. I like the look.
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              Overall, a very nice, very impressive picture! You have some really nice rendering in there.

              There's something a tad strange about Bigby's right hand - the illusion of foreshortening isn't quite reading to me - it's about 75% there. Maybe consider drawing a line overlapping the wrist from behind the thumb?

              Also the face, left hand and gun of the lady on top there seem a bit stretched out. The left hand is quite a bit larger than the other one, and out of proportion to her body in general. The cheekbones/jawline line up fairly straight with her neck but her facial features fall at a slight angle. Photo-reference the gun and put all the tedious detail in there, or at least adjust the part where the magazine goes in and the sites. I think you'll find the M-16/ AR-15 body to be a little stockier and more square-shaped.


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