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  • Ocelotina

    I'm a huge fan of Adam Warren's Empowered series. So I was doodling some of the characters in my sketchbook, and I just ended up really liking this particular one. So I fleshed it out even more.
    I started coloring it, but then, for some reason, I decided to finally try my hand at digital inking. I still don't entirely know what I'm doing while inking, but it turned out pretty neat.

    My fave parts are her face and fingers. I think I over-accentuated her ribcage.

    Minus the colors:

    Minus the inks:

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    Dude This Piece Is Sweet!!! Contact Me.


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      It's great -- but I think you're right about the ribcage. The marks you've used actually look like scratches - or maybe scars from being attacked by another cat lady (a nasty one )
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        That's a beauty.

        I'm a little dismayed at the title, though, not for the reason you may think...
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          Yeah, I'd echo your sentiment about the ribcage. Maybe just smooth that out and blend it in with the rest of her skin there, I don't think we need to necessarily see them at all.

          This is fantastic as usual, mang. Why aren't you doing covers?
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            What do you use to do your digital inking? Photoshop? And do you have a tablet or do you use your mouse?

            Great work
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              I think I found my next convention outfit.
              Great piece, definitely the cat's meow.


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                It's very good. There is only one tiny thing in the coloured version that is driving me batty, there is a halo around her of brown that is just slightly darker than the background. It's kind of like a flickering light now that I've noticed it I can't unnotice it. I probably sound like a loon, but everytime I look at the picture I can't help but stare at it.
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                  Your skin tones are much stronger on this one than I think we have seen in the others.
                  very nice piece sir.
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                    Originally posted by Oni View Post
                    ...there is a halo around her of brown that is just slightly darker than the background. It's kind of like a flickering light...
                    You're not a loon Oni, at least I don't think so. There is a slight shadow halo, but since babycakes knows what he's doing I assumed it was either a scanning error, or else in removing that outline it may look funny on that background. I'd have to see it without the outline to know for sure. As is it's barely noticeable, kind of like getting tripped up on the fact a really cute guy has one nostril that is ever so slightly larger than the other, or he has uneven eyebrows.
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                      Great piece. I love everything about it.

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                        Excellent work, I really like your style, very tight clean lines and great coloring, It's very pleasing too the eye. Another great painting to add to your others.



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                          Interesting, clean, and great coloring! It would be nice to see something more from you than pin-ups/covers from you.


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