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  • Starlock

    Been a bit, just did this today. I really need to focus on not gribbing my pens like I'm trying break them, hand aches whenever I try to ink. I tell myself loose man, loose, and then about two second later pen crushing deathgrip.

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    Each horse, one stance.
    Each church, one buddha.
    Each master to his own technique."

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    No comments?

    I love this one. Composition is a bit busy but the design is great. I think it would look great with JUST the character and no background.
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      Nice inks. Nice over-all look. She wouldn't look out of place if she were in the One-Piece world at all.
      And no more "gribbing" !


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        Nice work, Reminds me a little of Steve Leialoha, from his skectchbook work. Also Check out some of Stan Sakai's work. Stan uses a nice crisp linework that delineates every charachter, while still giving some attention to backgrounds.As far as the gripping thing, jist loosen up first, muscle memory will do the rest. Playing guitar might help too, Just because you play a power chord douesn't mean you have to be forceful with your hands.
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