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  • Cloak&Dagger, Agents of Atlas, Harley&Ivy

    Just finished 3 pin-ups to add to the portfolio.

    Thanks for looking!
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    The group shot is nicely handled, really like the concept on the 2nd one, and I love the grayed out city scape in the BG in the last one - good depth. All are really well made - good work Butch!
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      Very nice rendering on these, but a few of the hands are bugging me.

      Is Cloak tickling Dagger, or is he just trying to pull out her intestine? As well, the lead guy in the first pic seems to have a bit of a short finger.

      Small tweaks, at best.
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        i love the first drawing.


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          Thanks all for the kind words and for stopping by.
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            Nice stuff! I really dig your rendering. The only thing that bugs me is Dagger's face. Her left eye is bigger than the right one. She also looks kinda manly with the big nose and wide jaw + the way you drew her hair gives her an odd head shape. A bit less hair on top of hear head would solve that problem.

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              Agents of Atlas!!! You're my new Favorite person!! I love that team.

              The first two are excellent. Your figure work is very tight, in particularly your body proportions. Any C&C on them would only be nitpicky things in my book. For instance, in the first one everyone seems ready to brawl however the only one actually moving towards the imminent action off page is Namorita and Gorilla Man. Everyone else is leaning away and it gives a very hesitant feel to the team. On your Ivy Harley pic. great composition and use of design elements. Only crit. Harley's left eye look a little low. however fantastic job making the two feel like they take up the same space.

              The last one I feel wasnt as thought out as your first two. Some real nice drapery in spots but is falls short on the hood and shoulders area. the fabric doesnt seem to rest on the figure. Daggers face doesnt match up with her head. they are at two different angles. Last thing I wanna say about this one is the background. Suggestive buildings are a great way to save time and still be very effective but they still need to have some structure. The buildings in the upper right looks more like a computer chip than cityscape. You did a great job elsewhere on the backgrounds it just looks like you rushed that corner. Also for C&D I wouldn't have put them so high in the sky. cause they do a lot of street work.

              Either way your art is fantastic and I cant wait to see more!
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                Thanks for the kind words and crit Todoss! Unfortunately I'll have to start moving on from these pin-ups-- but I'll keep your words in mind for the future. Especially the thing about Dagger's hair, that's turning into a bad habit of mine.

                Thanks for stopping by!
                Never without passion.


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