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    From the view on my iPad, this looks like some really nice rendering.

    A couple of things have me wondering though...
    -the underside of the shield seems off. Oddly flat.
    -the right hand delt/pec insertion seems overblown.
    -From the knees down, you seemed to run out of space...and it hurt the anatomy.

    Nice piece from the knees up though.
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      Your superficial anatomy isnt bad. What I see you needing to work on is proportions. the torso is thin and short. legs wide and long. In fact that is what I am working on now. Also while this picture shows that you're practicing your anatomy or have you need to give Cap something to do.

      You have some great potential for some growth
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        you should also add the shadow of his arm inside the shield.
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          The basis of the image is solid. I agree with golgotha. It does need some heavier shadows and I do see 2 points of drafting that make it seem odd to the eye. 1. His head is a bit large for the narrow nature of his chest. (2) you have pulled his serratus anterior up under his arm pits. The definition of that muscle group would never been seen up that high on a non mutated style figure. Other than that you have a great start for your Cap piece.
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            haramb group

            Thanks for the feed back. The pic is cropped because its to big for the scanner. I think aside from the anatomy issues I struggled with creating the curvature of the inside shield.


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              Hi, haven't been here for a few years so I thought I catch up by offering a few crits.

              I like the torso, pretty well drawn and the left arm is good. The shield arm does not quite look right.

              It all goes a bit wrong from above the knees downwards - I think what you need to remember is that the human body is still subject to perspective so you should think about the angle you are viewing it from and how perspective will apply.

              Hope this helps
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