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    pencils and inks = Ed Tadeo

    I got the high res of this one off Ed when he first did the picture back in 2007, and then it sat flatted and half shaded on my HDD for the past 5 years while I got... well, distracted, by other stuff.

    But I'm waiting on some colour guides for another 3 commission pieces so while I wait for the email to arrive, I finally got up and finished this one this afternoon. Mind you because I started it 5 years ago I ended up ditching pretty much everything I had shaded until that point plus completely re-did the background because 5 years is a long learning period!

    These guys are *meant* to be wolverine and sabretooth according to Ed but frankly, I don't see it, so I've just called them "The Warriors"

    I colour stuff...

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    If you hadn't told me, I wouldn't of guessed it. But now that you mention it they do look like those characters. Nice colors. It would have been cool to see your old version, to see how far you've come.


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      Wolverine was obvious to me (Since I quite enjoyed the "the twelve"-arc, with Wolvie as DEATH - horseman of Apocalypse), Had to take second look at Creed though - AoA-version, I guess?
      anyways, I like the colors. they look a little to "made out of clay" to me with the skincolor, but maybe that's just me. Love the shading on Wolvies cape and armor.
      The mandatory sketchblog...
      ...and the deviantart-page


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        Hofling is correct.
        GO ROYALS !!!


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