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  • lara in the water

    Pencils by Marc Silvestri
    Inks by K-omer on DeviantArt

    I swore to myself that I was going to have the day off today and not colour anything at all. I watched 7 episodes straight of The West Wing season 7, read the Saturday's paper intensively, emptied our water feature to check if it does have a leak or not (not...just losing water from evaporation in all these hot days we're having), had a leisurely dinner, watched Terry Pratchet's "The Hogfather part 2" on TV for the evening movie... and then decided to check my email coz there was nothing worth watching TV after that...

    ...and 2 hours later I've done this one...

    Mind you I *have* had it flatted and the background done for a few months now, I just decided to finish Lara off. Biggest hassle was the water, which K-omer had simply blacked in for the most part. Ugh!... so this is the best I could do (or could be bothered to do) with it.

    I colour stuff...

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    uhhggg.... gotta' hate blacked in water.

    Nice effort here though - ya did good.
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