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    Ok... finally something I can show online after three weeks of doing paying commission work!

    Pencils and inks by Ken Hunt - to whom I've been saing "Yes Yes, I will colour one of your own pictures... someday" for quite some time now. Well, someday has come!

    Having said that, those said commissions have largely been over really brushy, negative spaced (think deodato) kind of lineart and involves a whole different way of thinking about the lines than doing this more traditional style of ink so it was kind of wierd to get back into it. Nevermind though, the exact same thing happens when I do a Jay Anacleto picture, colouring his graded pencils...!

    As to the background, well some may recognise it from the Dave Finch Red Monika I did about 2 years ago. That's because I'm a lazy a**...ummm... think it looks cool and makes a nice contrast to all the chaos going on in the picture. Besides, that background took me a whole day to paint originally, so I'm just getting my efforts worth out of it! :P

    I colour stuff...

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    Awesome stuff!


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      brilliant, and the background works, so why not?
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        Looks rad. I'd say get the mileage you can out of that background. Your colors are always top notch, good work sir!
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          Nice colors over a cool illustration, Sean! Good stuff!
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            Great colours on this, man.
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