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    Done for the Streetfight underground tournament but this fight didn't happen so decided to post it here.

    Or check out the decent sized version of this HERE.

    Thanks for looking!
    (slightly disturbing)

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    What do they put in the drinking water in Finland?? The horses' heads look alittle short but that's just nitpicking. Dig the black rider all chopped up and his equine ride.
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      The single best image of this round imo, and my current desktop background at work.
      it’s as if he figured that sheer repetition would wear them down, forcing them to submit to his strange, incompetent genius.

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        Really nice .. I like the red highlights at the top too
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          The horse's anatomy is a little funky. In any case it's an eye catching piece. Good job.
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            Really interesting character design, Korintic. Those clouds rock, too - nice colors.
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              It's a shame this didn't get an opponent.

              Great piece, man.
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                Composition is flawless IMO. I am just loving the bottom cityscape with sunset and how well it balances that top figure images. Really beautiful stuff!
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                  anatomy issues aside, thats some great imagery! War is by far my favorite
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                    Love everything about it.

                    Do you have a 1920 x 1080 size image. I need a new desktop.
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                      wheres ric flair?


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                        Originally posted by hydekomiksink View Post
                        Composition is flawless IMO. I am just loving the bottom cityscape with sunset and how well it balances that top figure images. Really beautiful stuff!
                        Nothing more to add. Great great illo.


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                          Thanks for the comments everyone!

                          Pep -Hahaa yeah I don't know what that stuff is laced with. Honestly this was one of the few times I've drawn horses so I'm not surprised they aren't spot on. But that was exactly the reason I picked the horsemen as the topic.. I need to learn.

                          Solace -Cool! Glad you dig it.

                          KboyKb -Thanks!

                          Symson -Thanks! And thanks for the positive rep too.

                          Electronick -Thanks. I had a lot of fun with them for sure.

                          Juggertha -Thanks man. Yeah but it happens.

                          hydekomiksink -Hey thanks. I'm glad you like the cityscape element.

                          The P.R. Man -Thanks man!

                          InkDrop -Thanks man. Hah I admit that I half intentionally made it close to desktop proportion landscape (check your inbox)..

                          lostboy101 -Ask loston.

                          Jel -Thanks Jel glad you like it man.
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                          (slightly disturbing)



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                            darn i was hoping for Flair,Anderson,Blanchard and Windham.....and JJ Dillion.
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                              Nice work, I like it.
                              Open for commissions.
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