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captain america part 2

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  • captain america part 2

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    I think you could have put both of these Cap pieces in the same thread.

    I dig 'em both. I think though that the cropping of the hands is hurting this one. I would have much rather see his right arm reaching forward somehow.
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      nice job with the inks, I like the style!


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        untroki 117

        thanks sometimes it works.


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          There are a number of things that make this seem a little odd to me, Brand_newday. First is the star on Cap's chest. I know it is in perspective, foreshortened and all that, but it looks a bit more like a gravy-boat than a star. The triceps on Cap's right arm is wrong. The eyeholes on his mask appear too large. His legs look a bit balloonish coming out of his trunks and the shield would have benefited immensely from the use of a circle or ellipse template (star on the shield also looks malformed).

          I also agree with the earlier crit that the cropping is unfortunate.

          Keep after it, Cap is a tough one to draw. Look forward to seeing more of your work here in the future!
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