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  • Ms. Emma Frost!

    pencils-Randy Green
    Inks-Rick Ketcham
    colors-your friendly neighborhood firepunk

    Another one of those pics that has been on the ole HD for ages. Starting to feel more comfortable working on pieces with little to no lighting direction.

    Enjoy my little minions!!!

    White_Queeny_RandyGreen by Firepunk120, on Flickr
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    Looks good, professional quality.
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      I disagree with the comment saying it's pro quality. Don't get me wrong, it's not bad but with some tweaks can be better. My main gripe is with the red flat colour which weighs down the image. It does that because red is a very dominant colour in relation to what you have chosen to use. Also don't be afraid to push the contrast of the darker tones. You have seemed to explore that under her shoulders and the skin tone of her thighs but not enough on her back and left side of her face imo.

      Also try experimenting with the colour of the tiles so it's not so similar to the colour of her outfit. It'll make the image pop more.

      Curious, though. Are you using a hi res inked image? The linework doesn't look as crisp as it should be.


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        Thanks Ace

        Dri- I messed around with the red for awhile and couldnt find anything I liked. As far as the other stuff...I am still learning, always will be, and am just starting to push myself with colors and contrasts...lately I have been focused on blending and playing with brushes, so I know i still got a ways to go. And I dont think it was hi res...its been on my HDD for a long time. Thanks for the input

        i post here hoping to get that kind of input, the only way we can grow as artists is through the crits of our peers. one of the reasons i dont show family what i do...dont need or want that bias response... So again thanks for the input.


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          Yeh, images can sit on the computer for ages. But google search and you should find a decent size image. Especially with an artist as popular as Randy Greeen. I found one but you should progressively increase (by 10%) the image size so it gets to 300dpi.

          No worries about the input. I'm regurgitating stuff I've read in colour tutorial books. DC comics guide to colouring has great information and it helps learning about colour theory which they do explain.


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            I would love to get my hands on the DC book. Still ingesting the HI-Fi book. Wish I would have had this hi-res earlier. Have to remember that next time I go color something low res.


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              I totally agree with Dri.

              I dig what you did on the floor textures and such, but I think the red BG punches it up way too much.
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                Study up on the 'rim highlight' section in that Hi-Fi book. That stuff is golden, and I think this piece would have benefited from more rim highlights for some separation. That's my biggest pic with this piece is so much of it blends together. I like your shadow work though. 2 cents= You should really think about what you want to accomplish with the peice before you start. Your comment about how you just 'couldn't find something that worked' for the background tells me you didn't spend any time thinking what you wanted to accomplish with this peice. Really go into a color project knowing what you want to get done or you'll 'paint yourself into a corner' fast. You should really never finish a piece and say 'I just slapped that on there because nothing else worked'. it will always come across to the viewer and your work will suffer from those kinds of decisions.
                ok enough of that - I look forward to your next post.
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                  After all the awesome input here is my redo tweaked version

                  White-Queen-take-2 by Firepunk120, on Flickr


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                    is she hanging off the edge of a building? why do the backgrounds stop at her.
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                      umm...because someone drew her that way...or because i just suck at coloring..take your pick


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                        i was not referring to the coloring. it just looks like an unfinished drawing with an awkwardly posed white queen.
                        "when there's no more room in hell...the dead will walk the earth."

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                          i agree and it makes doing the background a pain in the arse...If i had drawing skills i would extend the floor, but i dont, and i dont like messing with the lineart.


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                            It terms of why there is no background, this was apparently an unused cover, according to Randy's DA post. If I were to guess, the negative space up top is probably meant for the title of the book.

                            You've done some good work here. I really like the texturing on the floor. I do think the figure could use some more contrast.

                            I did a version of this myself a few months back. I don't want to hijack your thread, but if you'd like, I'll post my attempt for comparison. Let me know if you'd like me to do that.



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