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  • Conan pencil & Photoshop

    This is something I did in a little piece of paper meanwhile I was working ,
    I made a photocopy 200% and once at home I painted it with wash ink, a quick retouch in photoshop and this is what I get:

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    You did this while working? You must work for the government no?

    I'd say really sit down and get to grips with your proportions and anatomy. You have the right idea of what goes where... now it's a matter of figuring out the relationship of the size of the muscles to one and other and where the muscle groups lay down on the skeletal structures. There is tons of Conan reference available online - just google "conan art" and you will be flooded with images. Even more for "abdominals"...

    In my humble opiniion I'd say you really want to take the time to go back and redraw this piece until you get the proportion and anatomy correct. You can never go wrong reworking a drawing a few times. If you have someone around you with more experience as them to throw a sheet of tracing paper over your work and correct it. This is invaluable and is the way many artists at entertainment studios work... a senior artists or team leader will correct drawings by the juniors... this is KEY to improving... much the same way a writer improves on his base talent by having an editor read his work and go back in and suggest bits that need work. I'm sure if you ask you can easily get people here at Penciljack to throw a correction on it.

    If however... this is your style and you are set in your ways and not interested in redrawing it...then it is what it is and you can tell me to STFU. In that case it remains a very stylized pencil/ink/gouache tribute to Conan. By Krom!


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      Nice. The twist of the torso doesnt match his pelvis and lower body though.


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