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    So I have been thinking of doing commissions lately because it seams like anyone with a pencil an paper is doing it and i could use the money. So what do you think? Would you buy this, or think someone else would? If so how much should it be priced at? Or is it trash and should i give up now?

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    neck is too long or too thin, hands are almost in egyptian position, background is dirty. sincerely I wouldn't buy but...
    in any case you should give up, just go on working on it and someday they wil want to buy it.


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      Hey Rent, I don't think you should ever give up..clearly you can draw. It's not perfect, but there's something there. I just don't think your reasons for doing commissions should be "because it seams like anyone with a pencil an paper is doing it and i could use the money."

      As far as if someone would buy this piece or anything else from you...I don't know. Me personally, I wouldn't buy this particular sketch. But I've learned that art is very subjective...someone else might love this piece.
      I also can't say how much you should price it at, cause once again, everything is subjective. How long did you work on it? How much do you charge per page? Does the customer get the original? All of those are questions that separate different artists' rates.

      In regards to the art itself, I agree the neck is a bit too long and I feel the arms are distorted. Good start though.


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        There is a lot of nice rendering here, some small anatomy issues. Personally if you were to create more of an engaging background, something they will help pop this image out. Right now you have a pretty well drawn image but nothing else to compliment it.

        As it goes, it really looks like a sketch more than an finish image. I really like that rendering though, it looks convincing.But it needs more to finish it up. Using black around her body or head helps to make her pop off the page, clean up the marks too.

        Keep at it.
        You can't succeed unless you fail-pigeonmilk


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          Yeah, don't give it up, there's a lot of potential here. It's lacking some refinement - I would consider this a good rough. If you were to take this rough, look up a similar pose on google of a REAL girl and take bits and pieces of that and add it to your drawing, you'd really give this piece some conviction and presence.

          You've nailed the hips and legs but you seem to be unsure of what's going on in the neck and shoulder region - if you don't know, look it up and figure it out. Also, your shading is a little generalized and ill-defined... check out how some of your favorite comic artists handle shading and emulate that. Draw with purpose rather than just filling space with random marks. Every line should mean something and be there for a reason. If it's not serving a purpose, cut the fat. You're looking for elegant simplicity. You're trying to give as much detail and information with a single stroke as you can.

          If you want to figure out what yo're worth, throw it on eBay and see if anyone bites. If not, keep working at it until they do.


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