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    A pin-up done for my good friend Neil Volks!

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    Awesome work! Your colors all work very harmoniously and I like the border elements as well. Great overall execution.
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      Consider mirroring the side border elements.
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        Really neat. The Western genre often works really well with horror.

        Yeah, I agree that the border would look better mirrored.


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          That looks awesome. Of late I've seriously been digging supernatural westerns and this image works brilliantly, especially the more traditional well dressed vampire that you see in Victorian England like Stoker, and the Wild West is the same time period.


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            Sweet stuff. I too am finding myself drifting more towards supernatural westerns as of late. Good compo and colors work well too. I agree about the borders too though, but trivial at this point. I think keeping dracula in his classic entire was clever too. I think "class" is a big characteristic that has often been left out with the more modern vamps created today, but you nailed it here.

            I cant help but think the cowboy reminds me of Jonah Hex, maybe the expression or the fact its a supernatural western concept. Great stuff.


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              Thanks all for the great C&C! I had fun with this piece....wish I would of caught the boarder before it when to print!!!


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