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swimming with the fishes

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  • swimming with the fishes

    Okay , I think I know the drill now , and I know you guys do ,here's a picture I recently finished that I think is Okay you guys tear me a new one and tell me everything I need to do to make this pic at least okay. Alright let the tearing begin.

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    The pic is a bit small. Hard to see. Posting a bigger one will help us. I do see some good use of fore, middle, and background. I like that. Some more dynamic foreshortening with the right arm and hand would be pretty cool.
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      Ya it's a tiny pic but keep your anatomy in check.
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        It is a very small image, but even still, I can see that her body is truncated, as if she is missing her whole midsection. I'm not sure if you were going for a kind of perspective that would hide that part of her body, but it doesn't work here.
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          Fun picture. If you really want to establish foreshortening and perspective in a non-city environment you need to start overlapping things. For instance if you had the coral up high enough that it overlapped some fish we would automatically know its infront of that element. Make the bubble go in front of her hair than we know the bubbles/coral are in front of her

          here's a 5 min sketch to show what I'm talkin about

          it about layering things even with the body. from front to back we have overlapping layers of coral to fish coral over bubbles over hair and fish and background shading and even in front of the bottom coral that goes back.

          with her we have her hand that overlaps her torso and its much bigger than her back hand the bossoms overlap pelvis thighs overlap calves and forward foot is much bigger than back foot. also her staff goes behind her.

          This is all important because with underwater we dont know how big things are there are fish the size of your thumb and some the size of Volkswagons so we have to show some overlapping to establish the perspective. also I threw in a school of fish in the top right (they are a bunch of ovals now) something that is repeatable that I can show go from smaller to bigger to push that perspective.

          As far as the anatomy you should find reference for your pics until you understand the structure and proportions correctly.

          good luck and keep posting
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