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catwoman drawing and digitaliking practice

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  • catwoman drawing and digitaliking practice

    I'm very beginner comic artitst

    drop some comments to improve myself ^^

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    I think you meant digital "inking", no? So: that means you did this with a stylus? That's some steady hand, man. I'm only begining to use a stylus now, for clean-up and mask-making, but don't yet have the confidence to draw directly in the computer. I'm impressed! What software?


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      sorry for wrong thread's name

      I use photo shop to ink and wacom 6*4


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        Really? I can't find a set of settings that I like to draw with in Photoshop (I'm using CS1, so maybe there's been some improvements?). I don't know what the version of Wacom I'm using……a buddy GAVE me his old one, then helped me download the drivers.

        The color work is really nice, too.


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          Whoops! Double post!


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            Originally posted by yomark View Post
            Whoops! Double post!
            Gosh, You've been having that Double post problem a lot lately, haven't you?

            Anyway, I really dig this picture, although I'm not as much a fan of the color. I mean, it's not that you did a bad job, I just don't really care for that purple for her suit. This is great for just a beginner.
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