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  • Thor in Living Color

    Been a long time. I still dont have a stylus for my tablet. but i made due with the mouse for the tablet.

    Pencils- Olivier Coipel
    Inks- Josh Templeton

    Colors--you guessed it...ME!

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    Hey, man. Not bad for a mouse! Strong modelling. My biggest crit would be with your color choices. research warm and cool colors. Its especially noticable in the cape and skin. Skin tends to get first pink and then greenish blue as it falls into shadow. And reds are orange-y, not pale pink, in their highlights, with more of a purplish color to their shadows. The thing that works for me is just getting in the habbit of staring at everything in life, especially people in interesting lighting, and trying to examine the way color works. You'll get weird looks... but.... screw 'em.

    The bg has some nice texture to it, but you'll get a nice effect by simply throwing say a purple or greenish linear gradient at a bit of an angle up from the bottom. It'll add depth and interest, as its a little flat right now.

    For the lightning, throw an opaque black layer above your lineart and set it to screen mode. This will make the black disappear. Airbrush in some of the bright blue ( you can experiment with different colors) over the lightning and it'll give you those nice glows you see on stuff like Paul Mounts's work on Bryan Hitch. You can probably find a youtube video that'll explain it better than I can.

    Anyway, nice job. Keep it up!
    Colorist on Secret from Image Comics. Also writer/artist of sh*t they don't pay me to do.

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      thanks for the input Killing. I let my wife pick my background colors....thats my story and i am sticking to it.

      I always struggle with my color choices, especially on skin. Def. gonna look into this paul mounts guy, and thanks for the tips on the lightening.


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