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Harlan falk Chap 2 page 20

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  • Harlan falk Chap 2 page 20

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    Love the line quality...

    But not so sure I'm feeling that slap. Actually had to ask myself, "was that a slap, or a flippant shrug?"
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      Looks good. Easy to follow and to understand. I agree with Jug though, that is a weak slap.


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        Real slick pencils! The characters have great personalities I feel. Overall great work. My only suggestion is that not every panel needs to be a floating panel. I find that it should be used to emphasis something or some specific reason. Everyonce and awhile its nice to pop one in just to mix it up but without the gutters you're just asking for tangents. Specifically panels 3-4 is tangent city. Also by overlapping panels 1, 2 and 4 over 3 you are sucking the energy out of it and it is your only action panel on this page. So to sum up I love your linework not a fan of the panel choice
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          Jugs - thanks was a lite bitch slap per script....more motion given in the colors

          Todd- thanks fer the C&C


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