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    Hi my name is Nanzo. I just wanna share some of my new and old work here and see what you guys think of it.Would love having your side of perspective.Cheers.

    This is my old works (2001).Some domestic culture warriors I did for my comic.

    This was a 2010 works I did for online card game.

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    Very nice designs. I also like the Capcom inspired colors.


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      Thank you Spidey. Still trying to find my own style of coloring.


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        This is my Hellboy redesign,Wolverine and Venom.^_^


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          very cool vibe to these.
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            dude i know you got more works come on pull em out by the way koo style

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              Okay, these are all pretty legit. Venom especially
              But I kinda noticed in the fourth picture- the guy in the tree- his foot is rather miniature.

              Like I said though, Awesome stuff.
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                really impressive work. love the colours on the venom piece.
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                  This stuff is pretty great. I agree that your colors really make your drawings pop off the page (screen?). As a big Mignola fan, I think your Hellboy is especially great, although I am not sure where his tail is coming out of exactly. You said your older stuff you did for a comic, is that on-line somewhere. I definitely would check it out.


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                    awesome stuff...that venom is wicked cool!
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                      Hi guys...Thanks for the chill comments and dropping by. Most of this works I did somewhere last year and way year back and I did it when I got my free time. I will do this stuff again if there s people wanted to see it.

                      Juggertha - Thanks and thanks for the invitation but I can't commit with the cool event yet but when I do I ll make sure you will know it.^^)

                      Immigrant - Yes I have and will put it here soon.^^)

                      Neddypoteddy - Thanks.Miniature is it.Can you explain it to me so I can correct it for my future works.^^)

                      MJames - Thank you dude.

                      Benhatt - Oh,Thank you Ben.Mignola is a brilliant artist.For the tail you asked, it stated at his lower back of his neck flow along his back.^^)

                      JC Immortal - Thank you bro.^^)


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                        Benhatt - Oh I forgot to mentioned you about my comic. My latest comic that I ve published last year used to have a digital/interactive online but now has been suspended because of financial issue.Apart of that,my comic printed, has been sold out (200 prints only) and it's in english. If you really want to check it out you can go here!/andika.comic and klik like as well. It has a full preview for the whole comic for those didn't get the copy.^^)


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