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    Since they are rebooting tomb raider as a video game and a movie ,I did a picture of Lara classic mode.[IMG][/IMG]as always crits and comments, gnashing of teeth and tearing my artwork up always appreciated.
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    There are some conflicting shadows going on. The most apparent ones would be those of the pillar and the chair. They're both casting very dark shadows - but they're coming down in totally different angles and that really plays havoc with the light source(s).

    The wall that she's leaning against seems to slope out at the bottom - which is odd. If you follow the edge of the wall down above her head - it should reappear again just under her thigh - but its not there.

    The colours are quite saturated. I'd cool things down a little.

    Did you notice that you put her in the same colour/clothing scheme as Peter Griffin from Family Guy?

    The shape of the head feels a little angular and stretched.

    I don't know how the perspective works on this pic. From the feel of it - and the angles of the floor and shadows - Lara would have to be standing up on some kind of balcony above the room for things to be right. Was that your intention?

    Hope those points are useful.
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      you're right I see the problems you pointed out and change them other than the angular head thing , i guess that's just my style and yes she is on a balcony looking down.


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