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Majestic: Canvas the Exile

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  • Majestic: Canvas the Exile

    Well finally I'm done so here it is.

    Name: Majestic Alur Canvas
    Clan: Majestics
    Rank: Princess
    Age: 21
    Blood Type: Unknown
    Species: 3rd Degree Hybrid
    Height/Weight: 5'4" 144lb Hair: Curly/Light brown
    Skin: Brown
    Tattooes/Scars: Tribal
    Markings (blue or red)
    Weapon: Kitana & Mage Alchemist
    Background: After being exiled by her clan for embarassing her queen by being captured and expose in front of the Tinachii, Canvas set out to earn her honor and her mother's approval back. She only found herself in the hands of the evil Emperor of the Five Worlds. After being abused, tortured, and violated, with the helpful hand of a cell mate, she escapes back to her Clan only to find they have abandoned their land to go to war with the same Emperor. Being an exile, and restricted from the Majestic Warriors, she sets out to find other 3rd Degree Hybrid exiles to form her own team, her own clan, her own family, to combat the Evil Emperor, and get her honor back.

    Comments and Critiques anyone?

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