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  • Cowboy or Gunslinger

    Alright, here we go... I finally decided to post my pics here, with some fear in my heart, because everyone here is such experts... But I know I want a good critiques and that's more important to me than making myself small.

    So if you could give me a good criticism, I will be one happy man

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    I like the woodcut inspired linework, nice attempt at a more complicated angle.

    The gun doesn't really seem to fit the theme though. Seems like he should have a revolver.

    You really ought to use a circle template for that Moon. And probably have more overlap there between it and the character. Right now you have a tangent forming between the rim of the hat and the edge of the circle which kills some of the depth.

    I'd also think about putting something in that white space to break it up. It's the largest area of contrast, draws my eye and keeps it. If you had a silhouette back there to indicate more of a background it could help a lot.

    Not bad, hope to see you post more.
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