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Doctor Manhattan: Low-Res Wacom Test

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  • Doctor Manhattan: Low-Res Wacom Test

    This is the first thing I ever tried with the Wacom tablet and stylus; Up until now, I'd always get frustrated too fast to see it through. Here, I did, and now I finally have the confidence to keep working with it. This was free-hand in the computer (no scan, drawing or reference) in PhotoShop CS, 72 dpi (so that I didn't get extra frustrated with my slow computer), using the airbrush and smudge tools.

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    Not bad for your first try with a Wacom, Yomark. I'd say a few well chosen hard edges in there would really add a lot of polish to this piece.
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      His facial structure here makes him look African. It is very good for a first!
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        Thanks, both. I did try to add some harder details in the interior of the face to bring into sharper "focus", and did trim the outer left edge. I agree about the African resemblance: I started by just trying a face (my "go-to" subject when I'm experimenting), then decided to make him Dr. Manhattan, whcih is an easy change…also because someone else in here used him as their first stylus subject also.


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