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  • Dragon Cover for GN project

    Hi All!

    It has been a while since I've posted. I've been working on a graphic novel project, InterSections: Sinners and the Sinless. We've already put out two issues and now I have just finished the cover image for the trade paper back we hope to have done in a couple of months.

    Comments are most welcome and appreciated.

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    i like your dragon a lot, his bottom is kinda vague in my mind, is that his tail or his legs, but overall very nice, lines and colors for the dragon and his cave are perfect. the sword swinger needs some depth, he seems to flat or something. maybe more definition where it just looks all black on his legs and stuff?


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      I agree with Bernie -- the dragon is a bit hard to read. Otherwise, the drawing is pretty solid overall. I like the smoke effects on the trails coming off those skulls -- that's a nice way of handling it. But the composition is blaaaaaaaaaaaand. No depth -- just a dude, and a dragon, both almost the same size.


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