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  • Shazam!

    I haven't been here in, well, forever. Wow. Gosh. To be honest, I'm kind of embarrassed to show my work here for years. What with all the amazing artists I see every time I drop in. Well, I think I'll make an attempt to be a bit active if I can. (I fail at forums.) I would say I'm back, but considering I only ever made 8 posts before now, I guess that just makes me a new guy who had an account for a few years. Anyway, here's a quick drawing I did of Captain Marvel a couple days ago.

    Edit: Imageshack fail on my part. Forgot to bother with the size adjustments. Here's a somewhat larger version.
    You know, if you don't mind deviantart.

    Feel free to tear it apart

    (Man, these captcha's are getting harder and harder to read)

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    cool pic!

    I would say you need to define his knee cap a bit more.

    Not sure what you were going for in the facial expresion, looks like he just looked into the sun and got blinded.

    something about the way the cloud at the bottom goes behind his foot bothers me. I think it is because the line on the foot matches the shape of the cloud. probably wouldn't notice that if it was colored.

    Keep it up!


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      I was trying to say somewhat loyal to how he was drawn back during Whiz Comics. One thing that defined him was that his eyes were always closed. And yeah, I guess the foot should be fixed. Kinda wanna do that and redo the legs some, in general, if I ink and color it.


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        I like it...very CC Beck-ish.

        There are a few anatomy the lower torso being off a bit and the arms are different sizes. BUT...this has a lot of character behind shows you really like what you've done (as an artist).
        Keep posting on here and you'll see your art improve dramatically over time..the crits you get here really are designed to move you in the right direction and make you a better artist.
        I think you'd benefit from joining Pummel..check it out in the "Proving Grounds" section.....I think you'd really enjoy it!
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          Yeah, C.C. Beck, his look in Whiz, something like it was what I was going for. And was was kind of hoping the arm length would be less of a thing when I shrank it down. I was unsure. The cape kind of mucked with my sense of length.

          Thanks. This Pummel thing looks interesting. I might check it out.
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            Pretty good work, man. The proportions are solid, and the anatomy is mostly there. I don't think the arm thing is an issue with the actual length of the arms -- it's that one of his shoulders is higher than the other.
            I agree with BLEAGH that the line on the sole of his foot is creating an implied tangent with the cloud. Also, the little triangle edge of the cloud peeking out on the other side of his foot looks really weird. You gotta either cut that stuff completely, or make it really stick out.
            His waist sash looks weird running into his arm like that. I'd like to see it kept clear of the arm for a stronger silhouette, and less visual confusion. On that note, his left foot would also work better if it were turned out a bit for a stronger silhouette.
            His legs are bulging at the inside in very weird way. You almost always want to keep the inside edge of the thigh fairly straight, and let the outside bulge. His inner thigh muscles look unnaturally small.
            The lines that define the inner edge of his traps are parallel with the lines that define the outer edge. You pretty much always want to avoid parallel lines when drawing organic shapes. The traps should be tapering up toward the head and going "behind" the neck.

            I did a quick drawover to illustrate some of these points -- hope you don't mind. Welcome back to the board, looking forward to seeing more of your work!


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              No problem. I find corrections to be a good learning tool, so feel free to do it any time.

              Noting the foot, I did initially draw it similar to that by default. I have a problem with feet in general, as I'm more comfortable drawing them from sides rather than from the front, bottom, or back. I redrew it to the way I did now because I find that position to look somewhat painful.

              As for the legs, I'm really thankful for that. I mentioned last night that I wanted to rework the entire lower part of his body in some way. I'm still trying to figure out legs.

              Anyway, I think I'm about to rework some stuff in the drawing and post it back and see how it looks. I'm really glad I posted here. Deviantart doesn't offer much aside from "OMG THAT'S GOOD!" xD Even when I demand critiques!


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                Originally posted by Jetstreamx View Post
                I redrew it to the way I did now because I find that position to look somewhat painful.
                I see what you mean. It depends on how the leg is rotated, which is hard to tell without more defined musculature, or a more defined knee. Do you get what I mean about the silhouette, though? Ideally, you want your pose to still look good if it were entirely blacked in. As you have it now, the left leg would look like a strange lumpy mass around the foot area. This drawing actually has a pretty solid silhouette overall -- it just gets lost in a few places, namely the foot, sash, and cape.

                Originally posted by Jetstreamx View Post
                Anyway, I think I'm about to rework some stuff in the drawing and post it back and see how it looks. I'm really glad I posted here. Deviantart doesn't offer much aside from "OMG THAT'S GOOD!" xD Even when I demand critiques!
                Yeah, deviantart is really just for showing off your work, and asspats. Here, you get crits whether you want them or not.


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                  really like the work good job, i feel some touch ups are needed with the cape and maybe the thighs, but all around good job.
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                    Alright. Did some fixing based on the crits. referred back to my books, looked up some pictures and referred back to Orphangrinder's corrections. Redid the foot in a way that I felt looked more relaxed, though I'm still unsure about it. I'm actually kinda happyier with it, but feet are the bane of my existence. xD I erased a part of the cape that I felt was unnecessary, and redid the sash to try to have it work better with the whole silhouette thing Orphangrinder mentioned. Anyway, enough rambling. Here it is.


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                      The drawing could use some work. I like his head and face a lot--very classic Cap!--but there are some anatomy issues. His shoulder anatomy isn't quite right--especially consider how his arms are turned over.

                      However the biggest problem I see with this piece is with regards to the pose. It seem very unnatural and stiff. It seems strange to me that the good Captain wouldn't have his arms turned so that the palms of his hands were facing outward like this. Instead of looking like a her coming in for a landing, he looks more like he's walking on air, waiting to receive a hug from the viewer or something. It's kind of awkward, Jetstreamx. Another aspect that is a little troublesome is the POV of this shot. It sort of looks like you want to do a slight wormseye POV, but you seem uncommitted where the foreshortening is concerned. From a below angle shot, the knee would have the appearance to be a little higher up on the leg due to the tapering effects of the foreshortening.

                      It pays to work out the pose in the rough layout stages before you proceed onward to more finished pencils.
                      I think this drawing needs an overhaul from the ground up, really. Despite your skills at draftsmanship, Captain Marvel needs a better pose if this is going to work. He needs a pose that is more natural, has more energy and life in it, and that presents a clearer message to the audience. If Captain Marvel is coming in for a landing, make us believe it. Make sure it reads well, without ambiguity. Work this sort of thing out early in the drawing before you proceed too far ahead.

                      I hope my comments have been helpful and constructive. I haven't read what the others have said, so I apologize if anything I mentioned has already been brought up prior. I really hope you work this drawing out, because I love Captain Marvel, and that face you drew reminds of my favorite interpretation of the character. Best of luck with it, Jetstreamx!




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