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Joker/Venom Pencils and Inks

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  • Joker/Venom Pencils and Inks

    This is what I came up with so far in regards to the Joker/Venom pieces I've been posting in the WIP section. I've tried to pick the brains of others, and I've tweaked some things accordingly. These are likely going to be colored by my wife and that's why they are a little bland still (they really need backgrounds of some sort). Let me know what you think.

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    I like the Venom piece best. Cool pose, and nice neat inks. If I can crit one thing, some of Venom's anatomy isn't described so well. His right knee and calf muscles, and both his biceps stand out. They look like they are stuck on instead of being part of his bone structure / musculature. Otherwise, pretty good!
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      I always end up with bubble muscles. I think my problem is that I've read way to many 90's comics. I fixed it a bit and I think it helped. Thanks.


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        They both are pretty good...i like your venom but i agree the muscles are a bit bubbly(you read to many Liefeld books i see)...i really like how you do the webbing!
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          The Joker's crazy eyes creep me out, but in a good way! His teeth, however, look too flat. The further away from the center the teeth are, the less you should see of each tooth as they curve around the jaw.

          I agree with the muscles on venom, but his tongue is amazing
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