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spiderman at the circus

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  • spiderman at the circus

    pencils by 'scherberger'
    inks by cbartguy on D/Art

    Another picture that been sitting waiting for quite some to be finished.

    The biggest hassle here was the circus poster on the toll booth. My first idea was to use a "Cirque du Soleil: Saltimbanco" poster from the net there as we have that show in town at the moment...(hence the CduS blue and yellow tent!) but that sucked. Then I tried various traditional circus posters from a google search... but they weren't right either. Basically I came to realise that a circus poster has a distinct 'context', a place that it belongs and a circus that it belongs to and putting it somewhere else doesn't work...

    Anyway, so I resorted to making my own using the 'Magic' picture by Mike DiBalfo that I did a few months ago - and ta-dahhh... we now have "DiBalfo's Amazing Magical Circus"!!!

    I colour stuff...

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    I think it looks great. I realize you weren't involved with the drawing, but seeing how the hands look almost short and stocky kinda makes me think more bug-like than long skinny fingers. Anyway the colors turned out very nice and I dig the poster. Good choice.
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      The colors made this pic. those stubby fingers are hideous.

      Great job sean, you color awesome
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        i doubt that his red in his costume would look that saturated at night.
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          Originally posted by davechisholm View Post
          i doubt that his red in his costume would look that saturated at night.
          I dunno, they have pretty bright lights even outdoors at carnivals/circuses to highlight all the bright colors and costumes,

          it all looks great to me except for the poster. it just looks like something thats been shrunk down to fill a blank space. granted, it's the penceller's problem, but it just screams photoshop to me. seems like there ought to be a little distortion in the image as the poster is kind of wrinkeled.
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            Soft street lights would explain it, and if you've ever been out during a full moon, in enough soft light (and especially in city areas) I've noticed that things can almost have full color. With the exception of the intensity of the reflected light, I think the colors are rather tame. If the moon were brighter looking, it might feel more natural but other than that I think it's very well done.

            Really, after giving it a good look-over, I think the color choices and light choices make Spidey really pop, so you don't focus too much on the background, and it gives it a moody feel, which I like when it comes to Spidey.
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