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    These are awesome. That Reverse Flash is scary as crap. I love it!
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    Fair warning, I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm going to keep doing it though.


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      Jeff.....check out the Proving Ground Section!
      Bet you'd really like it there.
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        Originally posted by jeffreyedwards View Post
        Orphan- you said that my work was a bit over-rendered? I get that sometimes, and believe me when I say that I am consciously trying to make my work more elegant every time I create something new. My older stuff was just so labor intensive, it was crazy! So thanks a bunch!
        Well, when I say "over-rendered", take it with a grain of salt -- I'm a big fan of guys like Alex Toth, Bruce Timm, and Mike Mignola. It's probably one of those things that comes down to taste more than anything. On the other hand, having less lines to draw can only be good from the artist's standpoint.


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          your work is great! your knowledge of anatomy shows, you have very detailed rendering and your true to your light source, keep posting man!


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            Originally posted by pigeonmilk View Post
            Looks like David Finch got drunk and Bogarth took advantage of him and 9 months later birthed a JeffreyEdwards.

            I love it!!!!

            Finch is hands down my favorite artist, I love the heavily rendered stuff, it really makes things look awesome in my book.
            HAHAHA! you nailed it!
            I love finch as well, and Burne Hogarth.


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              Yeah, the first thing I thought of was Finch when I saw your pencils. Very good stuff.

              Just for my own personal perspective, about how long did it take you to draw these on average? I mean top to bottom, including any time spent getting references (if you needed them).


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