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  • DESUDESUDESU aka stream drawings

    heres just a little dump from what ive been up to lately when im not wallowing in self-loathing agony over how im actually NOT the next JRJr and sucking on a barrel of a .45. I spend every other day lately drawing on my livestream for a small crowd of buddies taking requests and whatnot, and this is some of the results

    more to come maybe, if i can find the will to live OH GOD WHY IS IT SUCH AGONE

    I miss when we all drew like Joe MAD and argued about the Matrix

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    NIce pics, NickGuy. First is not really my style, second is good, the third is great:-) I really like this last one: nice lines, and a good stance and I fancy the armor design.

    DA page


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      Hey Nick, I've always seen your comments on others' works, this is the first time I thinnk that I'm seeing something from you. The first one is kinda--- idk, like what Einar said. But I really like the 2nd and third
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        yeah i dont usually do dumps, they seem pointless when theres the members art blog section. but i figured since these pics had a common theme id post them.

        i actually like the first one the best, as it came out a lot better than i hoped considering i had no ref for sakura and i dont really draw anime. the second pic is the same shit ive been churning out for years and the 3rd was total looking at evangelion pics to see what part of the armor goes where XD so it didnt take much effort
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        I miss when we all drew like Joe MAD and argued about the Matrix


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