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    I'm probably the very last guy on the face of the planet to jump on the "Watchmen" bandwagon, but here's my first finished art tribute……
    Black & White version here:, and uncensored version here: and uncensored version here:

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    I like the black and white better. The angle of the head made the composition more interesting. I don't know why you changed it in the color version. My crits on your "dynamic" anatomy in your Superman comp apply here as well. His abdomen, his ribcage, his obliques, his pectorals and his trapezius all look like they're different blocks that have been placed on top of one another and, if he moves, they will fall apart. Instead of Hogarth, I suggest you get Sarah Simblet's Anatomy For The Artist. I do like the face a lot better this time though. I think you have to get used not drawing so many lines on the face. Try some different noses and jawlines as well.
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